Off-boarding Checklist

To document:

  • [ ] Writeup documentation about unfinished projects, questions, known issues, and projects worked on
  • [ ] Addresses FOIs or record requests that are ongoing and need to be followed up on. A spreadsheet tracking this information will be helpful to send to reporters/editors on the team and include in final documentation before leavings
  • [ ] Rolodex: Update contact lists and notes on any sources that the next person should know about

To do:

  • [ ] Have someone or a few people on the team read through these documentation and ask questions if there are any
  • [ ] Removal from social media accounts, Github, servers and any other accounts that are shared
  • [ ] Disable CMS access
  • [ ] Handoff of Google docs/shared documents
  • [ ] Office hours: people can stop by and ask questions about the position and/or projects
  • [ ] Exit interview with the team: what went wrong, what went well and time to answer any questions or walk through any documentation

You can fork this checklist on Github and make your own.

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