Chapter 7


A special thanks to:

  • Everyone who filled out the survey and took the time to chat with me and think through this research, especially those who took time out of their day to do a longer interview over the phone or Skype
  • OpenNews & Correctiv: for giving me the time, flexibility and support to work on this research. Also, special thanks to the SRCCON OpenNews crew for helping me facilitate an amazing session on this research and to those who attended the session
  • Erika Owens, Lindsay Muscato, Erin Kissane: for editing this guide, working with me to put the guide up on Source, and for providing me with support throughout the whole process
  • Ryan Pitts: for being my project manager on this project, making sure I stick to my deadlines, and supporting me
  • Daniel Drepper: for giving me the support and time to work on this project while working on other investigations
  • Simon Jockers & Stefan Wehrmeyer: for helping me with the final touches of publishing
  • Dan Zajdband: for catching all the things I didn't catch during my editing process
  • All of the 2016 OpenNews fellows who are so awesome: Nicky Case, Pietro Passarelli, Lisa Charlotte Rost, Martin Shelton, Dan Zajdband, and Christine Zhang
  • And You: for taking the time to read through this guide and thinking of new ways to deal with the problems we face with on-boarding and off-boarding in newsrooms

About Sandhya

Sandhya Kambhampati is a journalist who is passionate about open records, documentation, data literacy and statistics. She is currently finishing up her Knight-Mozilla fellowship at Correctiv, a non-profit investigative newsroom in Berlin, Germany. At Correctiv, she's worked on an investigation on German nursing homes and is working on publishing a project on racial profiling and another on employment. As a fellow, she also travels to conferences regularly to teach about R and using data in investigations. Prior to her fellowship, she worked at The Chronicle of Higher Education, where she analyzed data and reports on college athletics, college presidential pay, and student loans. Her work has also appeared in CNN, USA Today and PBS Washington Week.

You can contact me at [email protected] or tweet @sandhya__k.

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